iterami/Guides.htm/Clicker Heroes
  1. Always have at least 1 auto clicker clicking the current monster.
  2. 1 auto clicker should be clicking the Golden Clicks skill.
  3. 1 auto clicker should be leveling up the best hero you are most likely to be able to level up.
  4. Place 1 auto clicker on some of the remaining skills:
    1. Energize (to double Golden Clicks. Placed first)
    2. Metal Detector
    3. Lucky Strikes
    4. Super Clicks
    5. Powersurge
  5. Remaining auto clickers should be also clicking the current monster.
  6. If you are going to attempt to kill an Immortal, first move all your auto clickers to click the current monster. Make sure your skills are triggered in the correct order when you move all clickers back to their previous targets.
Mercenary quest priorities:
  1. Mercenaries
  2. Rubies
  3. Relics
  4. Hero Souls
  5. Gold
  6. Random Skills
Relics: Ruby store purchase priorities:
  1. 2x Damage Multiplier
  2. Auto Clickers
  3. +3 Random Guilded Heroes
Gameplay Settings State
Always use scientific notation. YES
Buy exact hero quantities. YES
Show individual hero DPS. YES
Show relic found popups. YES
Transparent Hero Auto Clickers. YES
Graphic Settings State
Animated Hero Clickers. NO
Animated Monsters. NO
Critical Screen Shake. NO
Level Up Animations. YES
Reduced Render Quality. YES
Show Damage Text NO
Show Gold Text. YES
Tiny monsters. Can help reduce lag. YES
Use Full Screen Mode. NO
Sound Settings State
Music Enabled. NO
Sound Effects Enabled. NO