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Type Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar Other
Drones EM Damage
  • Large Praetor
  • Medium Infiltrator
  • Sentry Curator
  • Small Acolyte
Kinetic Damage
  • Large Wasp
  • Medium Vespa
  • Sentry Warden
  • Small Hornet
Thermal Damage
  • Large Ogre
  • Medium Hammerhead
  • Sentry Garde
  • Small Hobgoblin
Explosive Damage
  • Large Berserker
  • Medium Valkyrie
  • Sentry Bouncer
  • Small Warrior
NPC Corporations
  • 24th Imperial Crusade
  • Hedion University
  • Imperial Academy
  • Imperial Shipment
  • Ministry of War
  • Royal Amarr Institute
  • Viziam
  • Caldari Provisions
  • Deep Core Mining Inc.
  • Perkone
  • School of Applied Knowledge
  • Science and Trade Institute
  • State Protectorate
  • State War Academy
  • Aliastra
  • Center for Advanced Studies
  • Federal Defense Union
  • Federal Navy Academy
  • Garoun Investment Bank
  • The Scope
  • University of Caille
  • Brutor Tribe
  • Native Freshfood
  • Pator Tech School
  • Republic Military School
  • Republic University
  • Sebiestor Tribe
  • Tribal Liberation Force
  • Amarr: "True Amarrians are proud and supercilious, with a great sense of tradition and ancestry."
  • Khanid: "Swept up by the Amarr's message of faith during the original Reclaiming, the Khanid were for centuries exalted members of Amarr society, until a bitter feud between the Empire and a Khanid heir forced a secession which led to the creation of the independent Khanid Kingdom."
  • Ni-Kunni: "With the exception of the Khanid, the Ni-Kunni were assimilated into Amarr society far more easily than the majority of Amarrian conquests."
  • Achura: "Achura has been part of the Caldari State for three centuries, and yet their culture has always remained something of a mystery."
  • Civire: "Whether engaged in trade or combat, the Civire are absolute masters of focused aggression."
  • Deteis: "The Deteis are regarded as the face of leadership in Caldari society."
  • Gallente: "The Gallente value freedom and individual liberty above all else."
  • Intaki: "The Intaki are one of the largest ethnicities of the Federation."
  • Jin-Mei: "The nation of Jin-Mei is the latest addition to the Federation."
  • Brutor: "A martial, strong-willed people, the Brutor hold their tribal heritage close to their hearts, and are renowned for living regimented, disciplined lives."
  • Sebiestor: "Widely respected as some of the cluster's most innovative thinkers, the Sebiestor are an ingenious people with a natural fondness for engineering."
  • Vherokior: "Originally nomads in Matar's vast and inhospitable desert regions, the Vherokior are among the most diverse individuals of the Republic."
Sensors Radar Gravimetric Magnetometric Ladar
Shuttles +10% Explosive Armor Resist
  • +10% Thermal Armor Resist
  • Goru's Shuttle has more shield/armor/structure.
  • Guristas Shuttle has less shield/armor/structure.
+10% Kinetic Armor Resist +10% EM Armor Resist