Unlimited Items
(Without Multiple Worlds)
  • Sold by Dryad
  • Trees
Bathtub Iron Bar
Black Scorpion Spawns in Deserts
Blue Berries Spawns on surface Grass
Bomb Sold by Demolitionist
Buggy Dropped by Grass
Bug Net Sold by Merchant
Bunny Spawns on surface Grass
Cactus Grows on Sand
Cactus Bathtub Cactus
Cactus Breastplate Cactus
Cactus Candelabra Cactus + Torches
Cactus Candle Cactus + Torches
Cactus Chair Cactus
Cactus Door Cactus
Cactus Helmet Cactus
Cactus Lamp Cactus + Torches
Cactus Lantern Cactus + Torches
Cactus Leggings Cactus
Cactus Pickaxe Cactus
Cactus Sword Cactus
Cactus Table Cactus
Cactus Wall Cactus
Cactus Work Bench Cactus
Campfire Torches + Wood
Chain Iron Bar
  • Dropped by Enemies
  • Gained by selling to Merchant
Cooking Pot Iron Bar + Wood
Copper Axe Sold by Merchant
Copper Pickaxe Sold by Merchant
Dynamite Sold by Demolitionist
Empty Bucket Iron Bar
Fallen Star Dropped from the Sky
Firefly Spawns at Night
Flaming Arrow Torches + Wooden Arrows
Flintlock Pistol Sold by Arms Dealer
  • Dropped by Slimes
  • Dropped by Zombies
Glass Sand Block
Glass Kiln Iron Bar + Torches
Glowstick Dropped by Jellyfish
Goldfish Spawns in Water
Granite Block Dropped by Granite Elemental
Grasshopper Dropped by Grass
Gravestone Dropped by You
Grenade Sold by Demolitionist
Grubby Dropped by Grass
Hay Harvested from Grass
Hay Wall Hay
Heavy Work Bench Iron Bar + Wood
Illegal Gun Parts Sold by Arms Dealer
Iron Anvil Iron Bar
Iron Axe Iron Bar + Wood
Iron Bar Iron Ore
Iron Bow Iron Bar
Iron Broadsword Iron Bar
Iron Chainmail Iron Bar
Iron Door Iron Bar
Iron Fence Iron Bar
Iron Greaves Iron Bar
Iron Hammer Iron Bar + Wood
Iron Helmet Iron Bar
Iron Ore Dropped by Slimes
Iron Pickaxe Iron Bar + Wood
Iron Shortsword Iron Bar
Ironskin Potion Dropped by Slimes
Javelin Dropped by Hoplites
Jester's Arrow Fallen Stars + Wooden Arrows
Lens Dropped by Demon Eyes
Lesser Healing Potion Sold by Merchant
Lesser Mana Potion Sold by Merchant
Mana Crystal Fallen Star
Minecart Iron Bar + Wood
Minecart Track Iron Bar + Wood
Mining Helmet Sold by Merchant
Minishark Sold by Arms Dealer
Musket Ball Sold by Arms Dealer
Obelisk Dropped by You
Piggy Bank Sold by Merchant
Pink Gel Dropped by Pinky
Recall Potion Dropped by Slimes
Red Squirrel Spawns on surface Grass
Reinforced Fishing Pole Iron Bar
Rich Mahogany Jungle Trees
Rope Sold by Merchant
Sand Block Spit out by Antlions
Sandstone Brick Sand Block
Sandstone Slab Sand Block
Shackle Dropped by Zombies
Shuriken Sold by Merchant
Sickle Sold by Merchant
Silver Bullet Sold by Arms Dealer
Sluggy Dropped by Grass
Squirrel Spawns on surface Grass
Tall Gate Iron Bar + Wood
Tiki Torch Torches + Wood
Toilet Iron Bar
Tombstone Dropped by You
  • Gel + Wood
  • Sold by Merchant
Trap Door Iron Bar + Wood
Trash Can Iron Bar
Unholy Arrow Sold by Arms Dealer
Vine Rope Dropped by Vines
Wood Trees grown on Grass
Wood Breastplate Wood
Wood Fishing Pole Wood
Wood Greaves Wood
Wood Helmet Wood
Wood Platform Wood
Wood Wall Wood
Wooden Arrow
  • Dropped by Zombies
  • Sold by Merchant
Wooden Door Wood
Wooden Bow Wood
Wooden Chair Wood
Wooden Fence Wood
Wooden Hammer Wood
Wooden Sword Wood
Wooden Table Wood
Work Bench Wood
Worm Dropped by Grass
Zombie Arm Dropped by Zombies