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Weapon Slot 2Fort Engineering Guide
Rescue Ranger Primary
  • Being marked for death while carrying buildings doesn't matter much, since you'll only need to carry your dispenser a short distance through your base.
  • You can repair your buildings from a distance without putting yourself at risk.
Short Circuit Secondary
  • Improves defense against Demoman and Soldier, which is a better bonus than any other available secondary weapon.
  • You get Support/Bonus when you destroy enemy projectiles.
Eureka Effect Melee
  • Idle animation doesn't make sound that other players can hear.
  • Less construction rate boosting from wrench hits doesn't really matter, since the difference is only a few seconds. Engineers should help build the buildings of other engineers.
  • Less metal from dispensers and pickups doesn't matter, because you will not be near your dispenser when repairing your sentry and you have easy access to resupply cabinets.
  • You can quickly teleport back to your spawn or teleporter exit via a 2 second taunt by using the reload button.
  • Your teleporters cost 50% less metal to build and upgrade.
Building +1 Point = Location and Reasons
Dispenser 600 healing
  • Deploy a level 3 dispenser in the lobby corner closest to the area below the grate.
  • Second priority for construction and repair.
  • You can repair your dispenser by shooting it with your Rescue Ranger from the courtyard.
  • You should move your dispenser forward to inside the dual main entrance fork if you have multiple dispeners in the lobby corner or if your team has control of the bridge.
  • Your dispenser will provide your team with ammo and healing at a fallback location and your team will protect your dispenser by preventing the enemy team from advancing.
  • 1 kill
  • 2 assists
  • Deploy a level 3 sentry at the sweet spot facing towards the grate. Make sure you have to jump over it to get past it.
  • First priority for construction and repair.
  • Your sentry will cover the battlements entrance, the top floor grate room entrance, part of the courtyard, and both entrances to the intelligence.
  • Your teammates will protect the sentry from enemies advancing via the courtyard as long as you keep your dispenser and teleporter deployed in the proper positions.
Teleporters 2 teleports not by you
  • Deploy a level 3 teleporter entrance at the corner of your primary resupply room entrance closest to the battlements.
  • Deploy a level 3 teleporter exit in the center of the long back wall behind your dispenser. To prevent disorientation, make sure it is facing towards the direction players would go to leave via the main entrance.
  • Don't build your teleporters too close to other teleporter entrances, for it may make their usage more difficult.
  • Third priority for construction and repair.
  • Other players using this teleport will learn about the dispenser they can run back to, and will be available to defend your dispenser by preventing the enemy team from advancing.
  • You can repair both the teleporter entrance and exit by repairing either one. Repairing the exit by repairing the entrance can stall opposing players and cause them to expend additional ammo before retreating or moving on to attack the courtyard.
  • You can use your teleporter to place down a freshly constructed level 3 dispenser if your dispenser gets destroyed.